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Isabel Suppè

Alpinist & Cyclist

      Isabel Suppè was nice enough to include us in her future journey of touring the United States on a bicycle tour. She walked through our doors with pockets full of stories and a handful of question. Isabel is a very tough girl who really knows what its like to never give up. She has really put her body to the test by mountain climbing thousands of feet and always making it back home no matter what.


Ron Breuchand his wife Joan hosted Isabel during a recent stay in Monterey, CA.


They took the photo of Isabel Sunday, June 24th as she embarked on her journey east from Monterey CA.

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(From Alpinist.com) 

           “German writer and mountaineer living in Argentina. She has spent the past eleven years climbing extensively in the Andes, from Colombia to Tierra del Fuego. After her 2010 accident on Ala Izquierda, in which she nearly lost her right foot, Suppè returned to high-altitude mountaineering and began writing her story. Her book, Starry Night, was a finalist for Premio Desnivel, a notable mountain literature award in the international climbing community, and has received a special mention by the jury,”

           Isabel will be traveling solo by bicycle from Monterey Bay to New York city. Cycling on the road for roughly 3 month and traveling over 2,000 miles. Sleeping wherever a tent can be pitched, living off whatever can be carried by bicycle. Touring on a bike like that takes a lot of stamina, sanity and passion. Although this will not be her first bicycle tour there was so much excitement in Isabel’s eyes as I finished installing components on her new bicycle. Every bicycle tour is so very different. Different roads, different bikes, different food & best of all meeting so many different people.

           The last bicycle tour Isabel took part in wasn’t as planned or prepaired as this. She completed the last tour with her brother as a companion alongside her. Riding hundreds of kilometers equipped with no more then her grandmothers old bicycle, some camping gear and a good head on her shoulders they took off riding. Her brother didn’t have much cycling experience nor was his bicycle adequate for the riding they planned ahead. His bicycle actually didn’t make it to the end of their tour so to improvise a craigslist purchase had to save the day. After she had completed one tour she immediately new it would not be the last.

            It was a once in a lifetime opportunity meeting Isabel and were very thankful for spending the day with her and really learning so much. We know she will enjoy her new Fuji Bicycle set up for her tour although it doesn’t compare much to her grandmothers. I am very excited to read her book. It is currently in the process of being published in the states. We all wish you the best of luck Isabel and hope you have more then enough fun and a safe journey forward.


If you'd like to follow up on the tour her website is in the works and should be up and running soon.

Check it out at:


Thanks again for coming in and sharing the stories you did. We look forward to seeing you again.

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